Pre-Show Submissions Open

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(Closes July 31st)
What is the pre-show?

The pre-show is the event leading up to the opening ceremony, which will mark the beginning of Othercon 2021. Music, videos, poem readings, artwork, etc. are accepted.
If you have any questions regarding submissions, please contact us at

General Guidelines

Your submission should:

  • Keep the theme of Othercon. Encourage people to have a nice weekend, build hype, that sort of thing!
  • Be related to the otherkin, therian, alterhuman/alterbeing, etc. communities. Yourself, the community in general, whathaveyou.
Your submission must:
  • Be appropriate for general audiences
  • Be your original work (not submitting work by others without their permission)

Music Specifications

Quality: High quality audio please (at least 152kbps). It can't sound like you're underwater.
Length: 1 minute minimum. 4 minutes maximum

Video Specifications

Resolution: 720p minimum.
Audio: No music that can get the video a copyright strike. If you include music, please send the title and the artist.
Length: 1 minute minimum. 10 minutes maximum

Artwork Specifications

File Type: .png, layered .psd/.csp if watermarked, .jpg/.jpeg
Dimensions: 720px minimum.

If you watermark your image, please have it on a seperate layer. If we have to crop your image, we want to be able to move the watermark so it is still visible. *.png is preferred over .jpg, since .jpg/jpeg is a lossy format.

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