Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual convention? How will it work?

Unlike an in-person convention, virtual conventions take place completely online. For Othercon, the main area will be in a "hub" Discord server. The hub is where you can communicate with everyone attending, attend panels, get faster notifications of important updates during the duration of the convention (like schedule changes), and more.

Are fictionkin allowed?

Yes! Fictionkin will not be excluded from the convention.

Do you need to be otherkin/therian/alterhuman to attend?

No. While not the primary audience, people from outside the community are welcome to attend the con as well since it can be a valuable learning experience.

What about timezones?

To help with timezones, we will try our best to have panels available at a variety of different times. In order to avoid confusion, the schedule includes a setting that allows you to view it with the times adjusted to your timezone

Timezone setting
What is the minimum age to attend? Will all panels be for all ages?

In compliance with other platforms (Discord, etc.), attendees must be at least 13 years old. Age restricted (18+) panels may or may not be on the schedule depending on if one is submitted by a panelist. In those events, attendees under the age of 18 cannot attend said panels.

Will panels be recorded?

For the comfort of our panelists, panels will only be recorded/documented if they give permission. If permission is given, it will be added to the Othercon archive if it is text based and added to the Othercon youtube channel if it is voice/video based. However, recorded/documented panels will only be available after the weekend of the convention ends.

How much does it cost to attend?

Nothing! Othercon is completely free this year.

I have another question not listed here.

All questions related to Othercon can be emailed to, or sent through DM to the official Othercon Twitter.

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