Panel Registration Closed

(Closes May 1st)

How do I become a panelist?

You may fill out the form linked above to submit a panel. It can be retaken in order to submit up to 3 different panels. After submitting your application, you will be notified of its status within a month.

Does every panel have to be a alterhuman/otherkin/therian lecture?

Nope! While there no doubt will be lectures, there are also a bunch of other things that may be submitted (in-game meetups, concerts, story readings, watch parties, etc.). A diverse schedule leads to a better convention!

Update to panelist registration

Panel registration has gotten a slight update! Now panels require a "proof of concept" to prove that you have planned out the panel and you do intend to run it. This can be a script (even if not followed completely), a list of notes, a video (if the panel is pre-recorded), etc.

There is also an optional section for submitting a pre-recorded video that can be livestreamed in the event that you may suddenly not be able to present, or if technical difficulties prevent you from presenting. Submitted pre-recorded/backup panels are played through the official Othercon YouTube channel with the premier feature.

Also reminder that panels can be longer than 1 hour! By selecting "other" in the form, you can request a longer time slot.
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