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What is an Othercon account?

An account on is what is needed to attend Othercon. From the user control panel ("User CP") you can verify your age, view which past Othercons you've attended, and access the current year's con server (when the invite is made available). You do not need to make a new account every year.

How do I properly fill out the "tag" field?

The Discord server bot for Othercon is case-sensitive, and it will not recognize your account if there is no exact match. For example, let's say someone's Discord tag is "Username#1234".

To make things easier on our staff team, please make sure your tag listed on your account is a 100% exact 1:1 match to your tag on Discord, as shown in the example success box. If the bot doesn't recognize you, the tag is probably written wrong.

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