Conbook Guidelines

Submissions close June 1st
Ad Space

How much does it cost for ad space?
Ad space is free, although there are only 7 slots. When submitting your ad, it is recommended to submit both a full-page version and a half-page version. This is because the size of your ad may depend on how many slots are filled.

Ad space is first-come-first-serve.

What types of ads qualify?

  • Events/conventions
  • Products (books, crafts, etc.)
  • Online shops (redbubble, etsy,, artconomy, etc.)


Although we will try to fit in the submissions we get, it is possible that not everyone's artwork will appear in the conbook.

Some themes you may use in your artwork are:

  • General
  • Help
  • Activities
  • Health
You may submit up to 2 pieces of art.

Ad Specifications

File Type: Non-transparent .png, .jpg/jpeg*

  • Full-page: 3400x4400px
  • Half-page: 3400x2200px
*.png is preferred, since .jpg/jpeg is a lossy format.

Artwork Specifications

File Type: Transparent .png, or layered .psd/.csp if watermarked
Dimensions: 1800x1800px minimum. 2200x2200px maximum.

If you watermark your image, please have it on a seperate layer. If we have to crop your image, we want to be able to move the watermark so it is still visible.

How do I submit?

To submit an ad or artwork to the conbook, please send an email to with the title "Ad submission" or "Conbook submission" and include the files as attachments.

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