Artist Registration Closed

(Closes May 1st)

How do I become an artist?

You may fill out the form linked above to apply as an artist. After submitting your application, you will be notified of its status within a month.

If you get an acceptance email, you may then reply to said email with up to 5 pieces that you wish to submit to the art gallery. Whatever you submit must be accompanied with proof that that is your work.

Proof includes, but is not limited to: WIP screenshots from withing the program used, or different angled photos in the case of non-digital work.

What includes "art"? Is it only drawings?

Art includes digital and traditional drawings, crafts, literature, and music. NSFW (Not Safe For Work) art is not permitted to be displayed in the art gallery, on your art table, or sold at the convention.

Can I sell commissions?

To sell commissions you must provide a link to your art account(s) or shop and, if applicable, reviews from previous customers in the form above. This is to protect our attendees and ensure that all sellers are legitimate before being allowed to present. However, Othercon is not responsible for sales that take place.
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